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In The Coming Year, The Collection Expects To Welcome A Number Of New Tenants To Its Premises

The city of Oxnard, California, is home to the University of California. A slew of new businesses will open their doors in 2022, adding to the ever-growing roster of tenants at The Collection at RiverPark, as the development continues to grow and prosper. These new merchants will add even more variety to The Collection’s already extensive selection of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, which will include everything from one-of-a-kind restaurants to one-of-a-kind entertainment. The Collection already has an extensive assortment of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Foodies have reason to rejoice following the news of the introduction of Two Hands Corn Dogs, a Korean-style corndog that will be available at The Annex Food Hall. The opening of King and Queen Cantina on Town Center Drive will be the first time that restauranteur Jorge Cueva, also known as Mr. Tempo, will bring his unique culinary experiences to the retail center.

Other new businesses set to open in the near future include The Mighty Axe, which will provide guests with an unforgettable ax throwing experience while also serving craft ales and culinary delights, and Devil & Angel Desserts, which will offer a creative combination of desserts including flavorful soft serve, mochi donuts, and more. Additionally, the opening of Exer Urgent Care, a medical center that will provide speedy and affordable care, will take place this year.

In a statement, Michael Pynn, General Manager of The Collection, said, “We are happy with our continued expansion and delighted to welcome these fantastic new firms to The Collection.” In order to maintain our position as a gathering place that serves as a one-stop shop, we must prioritize meeting the needs and priorities of our huge and diverse number of visitors as our number one priority.

With only two months having gone since the start of the new year, Pandora and Claire’s have both officially opened their doors at The Collection. Claire’s is a retailer that specializes in products for tweens, adolescents, and young women, including jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, and ear piercing. Pandora provides high-quality bracelets and necklaces, as well as other jewelry such as rings and earrings, among other items.

It has also been announced that Salons by JC, which has 38 unique suites and offers local beauty industry entrepreneurs the opportunity to fulfill their goals, has joined the Collection.

Others, such as PizzaMan Dan’s, a local favorite that provides pizza, calzones, sandwiches, and other products, have recently opened in the area. As a result of becoming a part of The Annex Food Hall, PizzaMan Dan’s has expanded its offerings to include a full bar, making it a popular location for lunch, dinner, and happy hour.

The Collection, he continued, “is attracting new enterprises to the Oxnard area and aiding them in their growth, even in these challenging economic times.” Visitors will appreciate our outdoor location, and our unique mix of retailers, restaurants, and entertainment venues will entice them in and keep them there throughout the day. “Because of the enormous number of things to see and do, The Collection is a destination for retail shopping, dining, and entertainment that has something to offer everyone,” says the collection’s website.

For as long as the lease negotiations are ongoing, the shopping center will be able to accommodate additional tenants.

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